Pet Courier/Transport Service

Vet appointments are so important, and we are sure that you don’t want to miss them. You may find taking time off work, or juggling other appointments can be really difficult.  That is why we want to offer you our Ammanford Pet Taxi Service.

We pick up your pet and take him to the vet, so he gets whatever treatment he needs.  If required, we will wait for your pet while he is seen or we can go and pick him up when he is ready, whatever is best for your pet.

We know that some pets are extremely nervous at the vets and some can be difficult to manage, but don’t worry because we have had loads of experience with trips to the vet.  Other than our Pet Taxi service, we also have pets of our own which have needed routine injections, plus we also breed and show Persian and Maine Coon cats, so they too need to go for their routine injections.

Pet Courier Service UK

If you would like to buy an animal but you cannot get to the destination to pick your pet  up, call us and we will go and collect him/her and bring her/him home to you. You are even welcome to come along for the journey.

Want to take your pet to a pet show but don’t have transport, call us and we will take you and your pet.

Our service is very reliable. We can travel at any time and we don’t charge extra for night time or weekends and we cover the UK.

We cater for your pets needs, we can stop to walk and/or feed your animal on the journey.

If you would like to get an estimate for our pet transport service, please send us the following details:

  • Postcodes where we are going from and to
  • Type of animal
  • Any waiting time
  • Any medical issues/requirements

We love animals and we have worked with animals for decades, so you can be sure that your pet is in good hands. We have air conditioning and tinted windows in our pet courier vehicle.

Call us now or send your information to us for a quote.