Pets and Fireworks

Firework Night


Pets and Fireworks image

Firework night is a lovely event for most of us.  A chance to get out as a family, have some hot dogs and watch a beautiful display of bangs and lights.  But for some of our animals, this can be a very scary time and our animals can be filled with fear.

There are some steps you can take to help your pet.

  • Make sure you cat or dog has a place to hide where they feel safe and secure, possibly under the stairs or in a cupboard.
  • Try to walk your dog in the daylight and keep your cats indoors when the fireworks are likely to go off (usually at night)
  • When night time comes, close all windows, curtains and blinds.
  • Leave a television or radio on so it muffles out the noise of the fireworks
  • If your pet shows that they are afraid, try to ignore them, don’t make a fuss, unless they are likely to harm themselves or someone else.
  • Make sure your pet cannot escape if he gets very scared.

If you are very concerned about your pet on firework night, then see your vet.

Information on this page has been taken from the RSPCA website.